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PFI Safe Buddy

Take one day to make your freediving safer! This saves lives!

  • 1 hour
  • 200 US dollars
  • Napoopoo Road

Service Description

Many freedivers lack formal education in regards to safety procedures, and risk management in the water. This course covers only safety and is perfect for snorkelers, self-taught freedivers/spearfishermen or anyone who already has experience diving but wishes to refine their skills and become a safer diver and buddy. With freediving growing in popularity, this course would also benefit lifeguards and boat crews to better cater to freedivers in case they were needed during an emergency. This course does not include techniques and training freedivers use to reach greater depths, nor personalized yoga instruction. - I offer this at a very affordable rate because inadequate safety knowledge is responsible for nearly ALL freediving accidents. If you take no other course in freediving but wish to dive underwater and explore reefs recreationally and/or spearfish I implore you to take this one. This is the information that freedivers have that many do not that ensure we are safe and always live to dive another day. - What to expect to learn • Equipment requirements • Safety and problem management • Safety for constant ballast • Safety signals for static • Safety for dynamic (optional) • Recovery breathing • Buoyancy for safety • Buddy separation • LMC and surface blackout  2-6 students, 1 instructor For more information visit the PFI website:

Contact Details

  • Napoopoo Road, Captain Cook, HI, USA


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