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Why would anyone want to freedive?

Ask around and you'll find many answers to that very same question: Why freedive? For some it is a lifestyle, like the Bajao people of Indonesia, the Ama pearl divers of Japan, or the ancient Greek sponge divers in the Mediterranean and for spearfishersmen/women. For others it is a sport in which one's personal limits are put to the test across an array of disciplines. Still, for others, freediving has a primarily spiritual appeal, offering a profound stillness and asking such a level of pure surrender that the experience can be described as mystical. Most likely, all freedivers are driven by a combination of the aforementioned reasons but all share one thing: the desire to explore personal limits under the water, and do so safely. At OCean Deep Yoga you will learn the skills needed to extend your breath hold, increase your dive time and see a new level of your own potential. You will also be trained with the most comprehensive safety education offered in freediving today.

Freediving is an experience unlike any other in which all of the external commotion of life come to a stand still and what is left is a state of pure awareness, bliss and freedom. The diver is put directly into a meditative state, simplifying the awareness to the heart beat and vastness of the ocean In-so-doing, the mind is silenced and only the feelings of calm and relaxation remain. In this way, freediving teaches us to be the masters of our own minds. Using specific breathing techniques to regulate our heart rate and mental/emotional state, yoga and PFI Freediving Education, at OCDY you will learn how to best prepare your mind and body for the pressure of depth, and by extension, the pressures of life as well! 

Not everyone who freedives is interested in diving super deep, nor does everyone have too. Learning to freedive is such a beautiful skill to have to make us safer in the water as well as relate to marine life like never before since many marine species that would otherwise be scared off by noisy, bubbly, scuba gear come by for a closer look and hang out for photos too! 

Whatever your reasons for taking an interest in freediving, be it recreational, spiritual, for a sport like competitive freediving, underwater hockey, spearfishing, or maybe you're one of a growing number of mermaids, you can confidently start your journey with OCean Deep Yoga and leave with the skills to be a safe, competent, knowledgeable freediver as well as a calm, cool, collected person.  

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