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Welcome to Ocean Deep Yoga

Your Hawai'i Source for:

- PFI Freediving Courses (click for more info)

- Private/Group Hatha Yoga (click for more info)

- Private/Group Freediving Coaching

- Guided Snorkeling/spearfishing

- Online coaching

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Yoga for Freedivers

  New Videos Uploaded Regularly - Beginner to Advanced - Increase Lung Capacity - Improve Respiratory Function - Strengthen and Lengthen the Whole Body - Stabilize the Mind and Emotions - Alleviate Respiratory Illness - Improve Digestion - Release Pain and Stiffness -  

Find Stillness.

Join me on Patreon where you can have access to FREE yoga classes designed to increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function, stabilize the mind and emotions through Hatha Yoga. Apply mindfulness, asana-based movement, and deliberate breathing in such a way that every breath becomes an instrument of expansion and release. Available for purchase are more advanced videos which incorporate empty/full-lung stretching, packing, reverse packing, self-massage, active stretching, passive stretching, and pranayama (breathwork). 

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PLEASE READ: If you like this content, and find it of value to yourselves, your community, your fellow freedivers, your donations allow this project to grow and your support can help make it happen. 

Happy Divers and Yogis


"....I can describe Owens course as I experienced it in two words: calm determination. He has years of experience and it shows in his ability to set reasonable goals for you and then patiently get you there...."


"....He was very knowledgeable, professional and experienced. I knew I'm in good hands and my brain could completely relax. I was able to dive 20 meters deep and still can't believe in it!..."


"We took a yoga class from Ocean Deep Yoga this last week while staying on the big island. We requested a private yoga class at sunrise. It exceeded my expectations!..."


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You may be wondering "So is this supposed to be yoga underwater?" Well, yes and no. Let me explain...

No, because available to anyone anytime is high-quality freediving education and coaching through the Performance Freediving International education system. The PFI Freediver Course is perfect or anyone looking to improve their underwater confidence, and competence while exploring underwater potential. For certified divers looking to improve, consider a group or private coaching session. For anyone wishing just to be safer in the water, the PFI Safe Buddy is just right for you. 


"The cessation of the mind stuff is yoga." - Patanjali's Sutras I.2

 Benefits beyond freediving...

Yes, because the benefits of apnea, breath, movement, nature, and connection with ourselves and with our environment far exceed just being able to hit a certain depth. Personal transformation is achievable and for those interested, you can read My Story. In order to dive in comfort we must be able to free ourselves from physical pain, and emotional/mental instability like fear, doubt, depression, and anxiety. Yoga is a comprehensive system to do just that: to balance our whole being. In this way, we learn to live and dive in freedom from dukha, or suffering. In the 'Freediver Plus' Course learn to freedive in a week-long freediving and yoga integration course. Achieve new depths in the sea and in yourself. 


Private Yoga

Get more out of your practice with private instruction! 

Yoga Specialties:

Respiratory Health (asthma, COPD, poor air quality, etc.)



Mental/Emotional Wellbeing

For anyone, Private and group yoga instruction is available as a ,means to manage pain, improve lung volume and respiratory function, manage anxiety/stress and alleviate digestive discomfort, but those are all simply biproducts of the yogic practice. Yoga is the practice of bringing stillness to the turbulent mind and facilitating spiritual growth, and ultimately, Self-Realization. Hatha yoga achieves this utilizing our most accessible resources: the body and breath. In life, when blinded by our own drama, mentally and emotionally chaotic, unfocused or restless, yoga teaches that we cultivate the opposite. In these cases, cultivating  awareness, compassion, mental stability, focus, and tranquility.

call or email to book your session today in person or on Zoom!

the Guiding Force 

"The cessation of the mind stuff is Yoga," ~ Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, I.2

"...that calm is retained by the controlled exhalation or retention of the breath," ~ I.34

A calm and peaceful mind housed by a supple and strong body is essential to enjoyment underwater and in life. At Ocean Deep Yoga, we offer courses in freediving, under the PFI educational system, and yoga. Yoga includes, but is not limited to, how we live our lives day-to-day (Yama/Niyama,) physical postures (asana,) and breathing techniques (pranayama,) outlined in greater detail in "Yogic Lifestyle and Freediving." Ocean Deep Yoga emphasizes yoga as a lifestyle and philosophy that can confront and shed limiting beliefs, fears and bad habits that hold us back in our lives and our dives. Yogic philosophy in action helps us transcend limiting beliefs forged by the ego and strengthen love, joy, self-discipline, self-trust, patience, compassion, focus and a balance of will power and surrender.

As a result of our conditioning, most of us are limited by what are called samskaras: beliefs or impressions that stick with us based on past experiences. Both yoga and freediving require us to look within and begin the dialogue with ourselves to investigate, observe, confront, and transcend the blocks that we carry with us day-to-day as dead weight and also to amplify our positive latent qualities that are dying to be expressed. In all areas of life, many people continually self-sabotage and fail to reach their potential, or remain unaware of it entirely. This is also true underwater. The biggest limiting factor to reaching our potential underwater, and in life in general, is the mind. The next step is to de-react and disidentify. Then take skillful action and proceed with patience, compassion, dedication, focus, and confidence. With an inner space filled with love, joy and compassion, the experience underwater, or in a private yoga session on dry land, is truly transformative.

Freediving allows you to interact with marine life like never before. Fish and large marine animals are often curious about freedivers and come over willingly. As freedivers, we can explore shipwrecks and underwater structures without risk of snags, burst airlines, valves or damaging the reef with a bulky oxygen tank. Without training, holding our breath underwater can seem terrifying but, rest assured, you'll have longer, deeper, more enjoyable dives with PFI. 

At Ocean Deep Yoga, you will receive the highest quality freediving instruction through the Performance Freediving International (PFI) educational system, as well as gain tools to be your own teacher in life, walk and dive with compassion, love, and joy in your life and be a safe and skilled freediver. See our 'PFI Freediving' section to sign up for a class! 

We look forward to diving with you!


Owen Costello

Owner, founder of Ocean Deep Yoga

For my personal story follow the link below:

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See all of what others have to say!


"My son and I did our first free diving course with Owen earlier this week and it was incredible. With a little bit of coaching I did a 4 minute static hold which I thought was totally impossible. Then the open water portion of the course at Two Step was totally out of this world. The course has a very strong emphasis on safety and although I was comfortable in the water before the course I am much more so now. I would highly recommend it." 

- Scott D.

"I had wanted to freedive for five plus years when I met Owen. I was a tried and mostly failed solo practitioner. I had books, audio books, and YouTube to help, but it wasn’t making much of a difference in performance. I can describe Owens course as I experienced it in two words: calm determination. He has years of experience and it shows in his ability to set reasonable goals for you and then patiently get you there. Viewing free diving through the lens of, or I guess entering free diving through the aperture of Owens course is why I refer to free diving as “calm sport”. For me it was him helping me select and then demonstrating the SAFE proper use of the RIGHT equipment, his predive yoga routine coupled with his breath training, and his ability to mentally focus you towards SAFE goals. There’s also a bunch of safety stuff I know now that although isn’t as exciting as everything else, is probably the most important and increases my confidence in the water. I am a medically obese, middle aged asthmatic man with an at times crippling fear of the water and tight hamstrings. After a handful of days with Owen I could dive 60+ ft. with no pressure issues and hold my breath for 4 minutes."

- Nathaniel B.

"Last year I swam with dolphins while my vacation on Big Island and it made me realize how much I enjoy being in the water and under water. I wanted to learn how to stay under water for longer and feel more confident about it. I've never tried free-diving before and the deepest I dived was about 1 meter. When we met with Owen and went for for a swim I felt very safe in the water. He was very knowledgeable, professional and experienced. I knew I'm in good hands and my brain could completely relax. I was able to dive 20 meters deep and still can't believe in it! I'm very grateful to Owen and Ocean Deep Yoga for teaching me this new skill! I can't wait to do more dives! Would totally recommend it 10 out of 10 to all my friends! Learn new amazing skills and do it in a safe way!"

- Katrina P.

"We took a yoga class from Ocean Deep Yoga this last week while staying on the big island. We requested a private yoga class at sunrise. It exceeded my expectations! The instructor was calm and capable. He seemed very educated in his yoga technique. He is able to give helpful feedback and correction. It was an excellent experience being able to stretch, center myself, and feel the beautiful energy of the island. Thank you Ocean Deep Yoga!!"

 - Chelsea S.

"Owen is a super teacher! The experience was professional, but laid back. The perfect setup for a relaxing and successful dive session. We started with seated yoga + and a quick guided meditation both out and in the water. I was able to reach a personal best with the right warm-up led by Owen. Outside of teaching, he’s training himself as well! It’s a special treat to practice with others who are actively passionate about what they do and continuing to grow. The best teachers are those who are also willing to learn and expand. Can’t wait to return to the Big Island to work with him again! :)"

- Zoe N. 

"Owen is a great instructor. He is very thorough with all of the necessary safety information. He was also able to allow us to learn at our own pace. Owen is patient and detail oriented. I took the course with my 17 year old son. I made it to 33 feet easily and my son made it to 66 feet without any problems. I will continue my freediving and I hope to meet him down there soon. I highly recommend Owen and Ocean Deep Yoga." 

- Noah S.



OCDY Mission: 
"To expand our underwater potential,
 we must have a body free of pain and a mind free from anxiety. Ocean Deep Yoga educates the public on safe freediving practices and procedures, and provide the full spectrum of benefits available to us from Hatha Yoga. By combining modern PFI Education and ancient Yogic wisdom OCDY provides the tools to be a safe, competent and happy freediver as well as relate to the ocean and the Self in a new way."


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