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Private Yoga Instruction


Ocean Deep Yoga also offers private yoga instruction to develop a tailor-made practice that suits your needs and goals. Whether you want to increase your strength and flexibility, manage stress, anxiety and depression naturally, having your own yoga instructor to guide you through specific asanas to achieve your goals, or manage or eliminate, existing conditions can make a huge difference in your personal development and help you to reach you goals faster and safer than by trying to keep up with a class that is designed to fit all levels. Private instruction is offered both in person or on Zoom, and is available for individuals and groups at a location of your choosing. Bring your practice to your favorite beach or park, or right in your own home!

Serving groups and individuals!

Do you and your friends love yoga and want to have your very own private yoga instructor for your retreat, party, or corporate event? Are you an avid yogi looking to bring your personal practice to the next level? OCDY offers 60min classes for groups or individuals wishing to have the gift and power of yoga brought to them! It could be at your favorite beach park, on the lava rocks at sunrise, or right in the comfort of your own home.

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is the practice of returning to our natural balanced state. Dis-ease can arise in the mind, body, or as emotional disturbance if any of these areas is in a state of disharmony; i.e. imbalanced. Hatha is the yoga of bringing balance to the entire being. 'Ha' is sun, 'tha' is moon. It balances the mind and emotions, rids the body of pain and stiffness, repairs the digestion, and will increase longevity and vitality.

Using yoga for therapy requires an understanding of ourselves as unique beings, the nature of our suffering, and the appropriate practices performed correctly to produce the desired balancing or healing effect. Therapeutic yoga with OCDY takes you through the whole process so you not only receive excellent one-on-one instruction on how to perform the techniques, but also gain the understanding as to why certain practices and techniques are used to bring balance to a given area.

Depending on the type of practice you develop and which asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing) you choose you will produce different effects on the various systems in the body, which are:

- Muscular: Layers of muscles over the skeleton responsible for movement. 

- Skeletal: Strong and flexible network of bones and connective tissue.

- Circulatory: The heart and vessels that deliver O2 and nutrients to the cells and remove waste.

- Respiratory: Centered on the lungs, bringing O2 into the blood and expelling CO2.

- Endocrine: Growth and energy production, influenced by hormones. 

- Digestive: Breaks down food into nutrients and absorbs them into the blood for fuel for the body. 

- Nervous: The body's main control system. The brain, spinal cord, and a network of nerve throughout the body. 

- Lymphatic (immune): A network of vessels that collect fluid from the tissues and returns it to the blood. Also, it contains cells that fight infection. 

- Excretory: Elimination of waste in the body left over from our food and drink. 

- Reproductive: For making tiny humans! 

What would a therapeutic session look like?

90mins: 30min consultation, 60min practice.

- First session: The meet and greet. Consultation, assessment of goals, schedule availability and a 60min practice with personalized exercises to do on your own time between our sessions to maximize the benefits of yoga. 

- Consequent sessions: You'll be guided through specific asanas that are relevant to your needs and goals. We will develop a practice that balances out the systems in your body and move towards optimal health. You will also learn and practice different pranayamas (breathing exercises) to amplify the benefit of the practice. Pranayama is also said to be the best way to gain control over thought and emotion. 

- At-Home: Following each session, you will be given a recommended at-home practice to do on your own in whatever time we have established is available. Your practice will be designed based on your feedback and specific health issues, if there are any. 


-Groups/Individuals: $100/hr up to 5 people. $20/additional person

- Therapeutic Yoga: $150/hr (includes consultation, practice, and written follow up tailored to your unique needs)

-$12 equipment rental (mat, blocks and strap)

-$5 for additional props for rent as needed (bolsters, sandbags, pillows, blankets)

- Travel fee based on distance

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